2019 2(37) 22

The Marketing Research of the Pharmaceutical Market of Ukraine about the Prospects of Creation a New Medical Form

Ye. Borko
National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv
I. Kovalevska
National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv
O. Ruban
National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv

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Borko Ye. А., Kovalevska I. V., Ruban O. А. (2019). The marketing research of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine about the prospects of creation a new medical form. Visnyk ekonomichnoi nauky Ukrainy, 2 (37), рр. 137-142. doi: https://doi.org/10.37405/1729-7206.2019.2(37).137-142


The aim of the work was a marketing research of the nomenclature of medicines presented on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine, which are used to treat diseases of the anorectal zone.

The work used graphic, system, marketing and pharmacoeconomic analysis methods.

According to medical statistics in Ukraine, there is a rapid increase in the percentage of patients with pathologies of the anorectal zone among people of working age. The reasons for this phenomenon is the lifestyle of a modern person, which leads to an unbalanced diet, a decrease in physical activity and untimely treatment of existing diseases. The great variability of the symptomatic manifestation of pathological processes in diseases of the anorectal zone requires the appointment of effective treatment with groups of drugs with different pharmacological activity.

When analyzing the assortment of drugs used to treat diseases of the anorectal zone, it was found that 117 pharmaceutical preparations in various dosage forms were presented on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine; of which the proportion of suppositories is 17.09%. When analyzing the origin of the main active ingredients of suppositories, it was found that the largest share is made up of active substances of synthetic origin (60%), herbal components are present in 25% of the analyzed preparations, a combination of substances of plant and synthetic origin account for 15%. An analysis of the origin of the manufacturing company allows us to conclude that the share of medicines manufactured in Ukraine is 50%, and the range is presented to foreign manufacturers from Germany, Poland, France, Serbia and Italy. The results obtained indicate that, according to the recommendations for the use of drugs, a treatment course of 1 week is rational. An analysis of treatment regimens suggests that the use of a combination of several drugs from different pharmacological groups significantly increases the total cost and reflects a lack of compliance.

The analysis of drugs used to treat diseases of the anorectal zone. The assortment of drugs was studied by the form of release, the origin of the manufacturer, the composition of the dosage form, the origin of the main components and pricing policy. It was found that there is a lack of rectal suppositories of a combined composition that could be used to treat these pathologies. Therefore, as a result of the study, it was concluded that the creation of a new drug for the safe and effective treatment of diseases of the anorectal zone is advisable and relevant.

marketing analysis; pharmaceutical market of Ukraine; diseases of the anorectal zone; suppositories.


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