2019 2(37) 2

Unomika as a Science about the Deployment of a Human Economy

G. Zadorozhny
Doctor of Economic Sciences
Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine
Institute of Industrial Economics of the NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv

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Zadorozhny, G. V. (2019). Unomika as a science about the deployment of a human economy. Visnyk ekonomichnoi  nauky Ukrainy, 2 (37), рр. 8-13. doi: https://doi.org/10.37405/1729-7206.2019.2(37).8-13


The article presents the primary justification of the hypothesis that the new only nascent science of the unomics is called upon to investigate the unfolding of the original specificity of the human race – humanity in the economy as an integral sphere of human activity. Unom encloses and shines within itself the genome – the biological itself and the memon – the cultural, social, in the life-sending of the person-personality, which has a tri-apostolic spiritual-bio-social nature. Unomics as a fundamental science of self-realization and self-realization of a person becomes the basis for cognition of the universal global reality in the coordinates of value rationality, which is important for the transformation-transformation of the world of human life as a spiritual and semantic unity of business entities. Unomics is transformed into global studies as a fateful integral humane economic science of identifying and substantiating the meaningful and well-grounded foundations of human life as a spiritual and saving freely responsible planetary community (cathedral) of life conservation.

unom of humanity, unomika, spiritual-bio-social nature of man, personality, economy, global studies, extra-scientific knowledge, genome, memon.


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