2019 2(37) 17

Evaluation of Social Security Level on the Labor Market of Ukraine and Directions of its Implementation

K. Bondarevska
Phd in Economic Sciences
Dnipro National University named after Oles Honchar, Dnipro

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Bondarevska K. V. (2019). Evaluation of social security level on the labor market of ukraine and directions of its implementation. Visnyk ekonomichnoi nauky Ukrainy, 2 (37), рр. 101-104. doi: https://doi.org/10.37405/1729-7206.2019.2(37).101-104


The need of ensuring of social security on the labor market of Ukraine in the context of principle of social equality is identified, the comprehensive rating assessment of key indicators of efficiency of the labor market in the regional dimension using the author’s approach is conducted in the article. In particular, among the main indicators of labor market efficiency were: indicators of the level of economic activity and employment of the population, the level of economic activity and employment of the working population, the level of unemployment, the average number of employees, the average wage, and the index of real wages.
The main directions of crisis management on the labor market, taking into account the need to create an effective social security mechanism are substantiated in the results of research, including: ensuring of interaction of the labor market and the education services market by stimulating employers to cooperate with higher education institutions and forming a system of joint events with the aim of training highly qualified specialists and their further employment; introduction of the practice of financial encouragement of enterprises for the admission of young specialists – graduates of educational institutions (providing grants); tax benefits for youth employment enterprises; development of non-standard and innovative forms of employment (experience of Denmark and the Netherlands in combining labor market flexibility with non-standard forms of employment to address the unemployment problem); information assistance on setting up and running a business, training of internally displaced persons, retraining and professional development; raising social standards, reforming the pension system and improving the mechanism of social protection, especially for socially vulnerable groups; monitoring and control of poverty and income levels. It were determined that in order to improve the situation and neutralization of regional disparities, it is necessary to formulate an effective state policy, which will take into account not only the direct but also indirect factors of influence on the labor market, as well as provide an opportunity to improve the employment status and well-being of the population of Ukraine..

social security; labor market; social equality; employment; unemployment; economic activity of the population; rating.


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