2019 2(37) 13

Potential Ways of Innovative Development of Coal Mining Enterprises

Mykola Boichenko
Doctor of Economic Sciences
Dniprovsk Polytechnic, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Dnipro

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Boichenko М. V. (2019). Potential ways of innovative development of coal mining enterprises. Visnyk ekonomichnoi nauky Ukrainy, 2 (37), рр. 78-81. doi: https://doi.org/10.37405/1729-7206.2019.2(37).78-81


In spite of natural coal reserves availability in Ukraine the unprofitability of its coal mining enterprises as well as the lack of branch special-purpose innovation funds and that of innovative development encouragement by government condition the complex of unsolved problems at coal mining enterprises and have the negative influence upon the search of strategic investors interested in the rapid technologic and technical progress in production and its economic growth.

The existing coal mining industry experiences the demand for an economic network formation (not of commercial but of investment and subvention character) designed for joint functioning provision of unprofitable coal mining enterprises and businesses that are essential for such unprofitable mines’ survival because there is no better way than the direct participation of metallurgical, machine-building, and power generation industry in coal production.

The experience gained in developed countries demonstrates that wastes can be not only the substantial factor of rational nature management but effectively utilized. Taking into account the fact that products of coal mining wastes have either qualitative-quantitative parameters specifying their physical value or a cost valuation, their production could be economically expedient that is profitable.

The assessment criterion of economic attractiveness could include the level of products manufacture profitableness of coal mining wastes and their competitiveness in consumer market. Apart from the potential value of coal mining wastes from the viewpoints of their future utilization in various mineral and raw materials’ production it might also include ecological-economical and/or social-economical component

The considered characteristics of values that may have various wastes of coal mining production allow conclusion making as for the reasonability of their ranging. The criterion of such ranging could be the level of their practical value for consumers or their preparedness degree for certain kinds of consumer values formed on their basis. The value of coal mining wastes that can be potentially profitable, competitive and investment attracting would affect the participation of certain investors groups in the innovative development of coal mining enterprises.

coal mining enterprises, innovative development, economic network, products of coal mining wastes, consumer value.


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