2019 1 (36) 24

Inclusiveness as the Key Priority of Economic Growth in the Europe 2020 Strategy

Alla Uniyat
Phd in Economics
ORCID 0000-0002-8129-4754
Ternopil National Economic University

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Uniyat, A. (2019). 
Inclusiveness as the Key Priority of Economic Growth in the Europe 2020 Strategy. Visnyk economichnoi nauky Ukrainy, 1(36), pp. 150-155. doi: http://doi.org/


The article explores the inclusive concepts of economic development as the key priority of economic growth in the Europe 2020 strategy. The basic strategic goals of the Europe 2020 strategy, such as smart growth, sustainable development, inclusive development, are analyzed.

Inclusive Development Index, Inclusive Economy, World Economic Forum, «Europe 2020».


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