2019 1 (36) 21

Minimum Wages, Changes and their Influences onto Salaries and Size of Statutory Capital, onto life level

Nadiia Tkachenko
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Academician of  the AES of Ukraine
National University of Food Technology, Kyiv

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Tkachenko, N. (2019). 
Minimum Wages, Changes and their Influences onto Salaries and Size of Statutory Capital, onto life level. Visnyk economichnoi nauky Ukrainy, 1(36), pp. 132-137. 


Problem statement: in Ukraine the sizes of established minimum wages take place annually, in many cases several times a year. Their rates result from government solutions, in particular raise of minimum wages sizes twice in 2017. However, existing changes of governmental social guarantees, especially in the sphere of remuneration of labour, do not provide adequate life level for people, what is proven by last place in Europe’s rating according to this index. That’s why study od minimum wage’s level and dynamics is a very important part of the mechanism for regulation of its influence onto well-being improvement.
Analysis of the research is in the study of minimum wages category, its parts, changes of its size according to the laws of Ukraine, influence of the minimum wages size onto statutory capital at the moment of bank registration, minimum size of statutory capital of enterprises with different property forms.
The objective of the research is to reveal particular qualities in changes at minimum wages’ sizes establishment and their influence onto adjoining economic indexes.

minimum wages, cost of living, statutory capital, equivalent amount, salary, Laws of Ukraine.


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